Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SOAPSonar 6.0 from Crosscheck Networks Capable of Testing Unlimited Users in Cloud

Here an article covering SOAPSonar 6.0, the leading SOA Testing product.  The latest version provide a number of capabilities including testing cloud providers as well as testing using clouds.

For detailed article, see: SOAPSonar 6.0 from Crosscheck Networks  Capable of Testing Unlimited Users in Cloud

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Financial firm finds highly scaled testing for proliferating SOA services

Jack Vaughn, Editor-in-Chief of SearchSOA published this article on real life scenarios in SOA Testing and general SOA adoptions trends.  Article highlights are as follows:

  • a well built re-usable service will have high demand and a high number of transactions and consumers
  • through automated SOA Testing products such as SOAPSonar, 100% scenario coverage is possible
  • endurance and performance testing are also a core part of SOA Testing.
  • Service traffic includes traffic from RESTful services and has resulted in portals driving overall JSON, XML and SOAP message structures.  It's not just about A2A communication driving this traffic anymore.