Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forum Systems featured in Network World products of the week

Last month, Forum Systems' API Security Gateway, Forum Sentry, was featured in Newtork World's products of the week! Recently, Forum Systems has enhanced their API Security Gateway with new features that include: intelligent edge caching, Amazon S3 integration and expanded OAuth 2.0 support.

The new intelligent edge caching will help enterprises optimize their network resources and ultimately reduce their overall infrastructure costs by minimizing latency. Amazon S3 integration allows organizations to securely access and control their cloud storage.  And, the expanded OAuth 2.0 support will simplify mobile SSO.

For more information on Forum Sentry, visit Forum Systems.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Forum Systems Recognized for its leadership in Security

Navigating SOA appliances: How to choose the right one

Corporations are increasingly driven to open up their internal systems to external and internal users.  With an accelerated adoption of mobile computing, employees require access to enterprise applications from both within and outside the corporate boundaries.  Corporations are only willing to provide such access with strong security provisions in place.

Crystal Bedell's recent article highlights the drivers for a SOA Appliance:  Security, Integration and Acceleration.  She includes a quote from Randy Heffner of Vice President at Forrester:

In more conversations than not that I have with Forrester clients and others in the industry, security is one of the biggest reasons why they think of this sort of product set within their overall approach to SOA.
For complete article, see Navigating SOA Appliances.