Thursday, May 29, 2008

SOA Testing Consolidation: Green Hat Software acquires Solstice Software

Green Hat Software, a London, UK-based SOA Testing company has acquired Solstice Software a Delaware, US-based SOA Testing company. The consolidation in the SOA Testing space is expected as larger companies add SOA Testing to their portfolio of SOA products. Although this is a private-to-private merger/acquisition, it's a good move that will give the combined companies European and North America coverage and will help them to effectively compete against established SOA Testing players such as Parasoft, Crosscheck Networks, iTKO and Mindreef.

HP and IBM have been touting SOA Testing products, however, they lack the functionality, maturity and and install-base within SOA Testing space. HP "SOA Testing" approach comes from a registry-based (Systinet acquisition) and web site testing approach (Mercury acquisition), whereas IBM's SOA Testing approach comes from its Rational UML modelling division. Both HP and IBM have yet to become serious contender is the SOA Testing space.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

SOA Testing considerations for SOA Gateways

SOA Testing touches a number of components within the IT Ecosystems including SOA Gateways. Since a SOA Gateway is usually deployed close to the corporate edge, rigorous SOA Testing ensures that traffic ingressing and egressing an enterprise are clean, secured and valid -backend systems should be able to parse them easily once the SOA Gateway has giving its stamp of approval about the quality of the message.

Download Paper (registration required):
SOA Gateways: Best Practices,Benefits & Requirements

This article published by Forum Systems - the pioneer of SOA Gateways - covers deployment best practices, benefits and requirements with a focus on service virtualization, message privacy and integrity, and message control and auditing. It will help the reader frame SOA Testing scenarios necessary for SOA Gateways.

"A SOA Gateway is a core infrastructure component of a SOA with the ability to integrate XML/SOAP-based services securely. Typically deployed as a hardware appliance, a SOA Gateway seamlessly controls access to services, protects information through data-level encryption, ensures the integrity of a message through signatures, and controls information flow."