Monday, February 22, 2010

Customer Case Study: SOA and Cloud in 2010 - Talking with Crosscheck and Omega Financial

Insightful podcast by Jessica Ann Mola, Managing Editor at eBizQ with John Woolbrigth, CIO of Omega Financials and former CTO of Synovus Financial and Mamoon Yunus, CEO of Crosscheck Networks that explores the following items:

  • Defining cloud computing. Are SOA and cloud synonymous?
  • Pre-requisites and barriers to enabling cloud computing in an enterprise IT infrastructure.
  • Impact of current economic climate as hurting or helping cloud/SOA adoption.
  • Architectural moving parts necessary for building SOA.
  • Real-life, high-scale SOA and cloud-based deployments.
"Cloud and SOA are not really synonymous; they're more supportive of each other...SOA enables cloud computing." - Mamoon Yunus

"There are three or four things that can get you to a place to take advantage of cloud computing..." - John Woolbright

eBizQ: SOA and Cloud in 2010: Talking with Crosscheck and Omega Financial

Monday, February 01, 2010

Tale of Two XML Gateways

Here's an interesting article on XML Gateways, their use in SOA deployments, and a comparison between hardware, software and cloud-based form factors.  SOA Tester have to be cognizant of identity, encryption, and signature artifacts that are consumed and generated by XML Gateways so as to build proper test cases for comprehensive end-to-end SOA testing.

Tale of Two XML Gateways
— These days XML Gateways are a core infrastructure component of any enterprise SOA deployment. XML Gateways provide the ability to integrate services securely with granular access control, data-level encryption, integrity through signatures and XML threat mitigation. XML Gateways can be deployed as a hardware appliance or as a software gateway. Both these form factors have their advantages and disadvantages. This article provides readers a quick synopsis of the advantages and disadvantages of each form factor.