Monday, October 08, 2007

SOA Testing Market Report -- the451group

Dennis Callaghan, analyst with The 451 Group, has written a comprehensive report on the state of the SOA Testing market. You have to be a member to access the report, however, here is a snippet from Dennis' piece:

"As enterprises increasingly deploy architectures where applications share and exchange data and information as services, demand will grow for tools that test these complex service interactions – a demand that traditional developer testing tools can't really meet. And so the SOA testing tools space was born and is currently populated by existing testing vendors that have developed new products to meet the particular needs of this architecture, as well as more nimble startups looking for ways to differentiate their offerings. Many of these startups, as they grow and prove the market for their software, should become attractive acquisition targets. This remains a nascent space and there has yet to be an acquisition of an SOA-specific testing company."

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