Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SOA Testing saves Planet Earth

Every tree counts, and every page that we don't print matters. Now we all know that organizations are changing from paper-based processes to electronic processes by using data transmission standards such as MTOM mostly as a cost saving and improved services level measure. But a great side effect that is often not reinforced is the fact that we are improving planet Earth by not cutting down trees and creating undue waste.

By enabling enterprise to rapidly deploy technologies such as MTOM, we can collectively accelerate electronic processing of documents. It's a win-win for everyone: Companies save money and improve processing efficiencies and our environment improves.

SOA Testing tools such as SOAPSonar provide a rapid way of testing your MTOM deployments. The following article will get you jump-started on using and testing MTOM in your enterprise - and perhaps save some trees:

Introduction to MTOM: A hands-on Approach

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