Friday, February 08, 2008

SOA Testing Tool: SOAPSonar v3.5 Released

Crosscheck Networks, the leading provider of SOA Testing Tools announced General Availability of SOAPSonar v3.5 with the following significant features:

  • Direct Database Integration for End-to-End SOA Testing
  • Dynamic On-Demand Binding for abstract types
  • Setting of Global Policies that can assigned to Custom Test Groups
  • JUNIT Integration that enables SOAPSonar to leverage JUNIT framework
  • Direct native Java key store PKI support
  • Optimization techniques to parse jumbo WSDLs and Schemas

SOAPSonar has become one of the most sophisticated SOA Testing tools in the industry without sacrificing ease-of-use. We have looked at many SOA Testing tools and find SOAPSonar loaded with a tremendous breath of features and the lowest cost.

In this latest release of SOAPSonar, the part that I find really significant is the ability to do end-end-to-end testing through integration with databases. Typical web services are developed using a web services container such as BEA WebLogics, Tomcat of IBM WebSphere. The web services usually make JDBC calls to backend Databases such as MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2. For a SOA Tester to ensure that the web services call has successfully executed requires "independently" evaluating the impact of a web services call on the database. With SOAPSonar, one can now easily set evaluation criteria that not only makes sure that the SOAP Response is evaluated for success/failure but also the state of the back-end database is evaluated to make sure that the end-to-end transaction was successful.

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