Sunday, May 25, 2008

SOA Testing considerations for SOA Gateways

SOA Testing touches a number of components within the IT Ecosystems including SOA Gateways. Since a SOA Gateway is usually deployed close to the corporate edge, rigorous SOA Testing ensures that traffic ingressing and egressing an enterprise are clean, secured and valid -backend systems should be able to parse them easily once the SOA Gateway has giving its stamp of approval about the quality of the message.

Download Paper (registration required):
SOA Gateways: Best Practices,Benefits & Requirements

This article published by Forum Systems - the pioneer of SOA Gateways - covers deployment best practices, benefits and requirements with a focus on service virtualization, message privacy and integrity, and message control and auditing. It will help the reader frame SOA Testing scenarios necessary for SOA Gateways.

"A SOA Gateway is a core infrastructure component of a SOA with the ability to integrate XML/SOAP-based services securely. Typically deployed as a hardware appliance, a SOA Gateway seamlessly controls access to services, protects information through data-level encryption, ensures the integrity of a message through signatures, and controls information flow."

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