Friday, July 18, 2008

Webinar on SOA Governance using Service Simulation

On Wedneday, July 30 (11:00 am EST), Crosscheck Networks is scheduled to present a webinar on Design-Time SOA Governance using Service Simulation which basically means that you can mimic a web service before it is ready. Design-Time SOA Governance serves a number of key uses such as:

1) Web Service developers can start building consumer applications before the producer services are ready. SOA Testers can build their test suites even before the producer services are ready, thereby compressing the SOA Project Lifecycle.

2) Producer Service Developers can provide a portable serivce simulation with requirements that the consumers have to meet before consumer applications are allowed to invoke the producer services. The requirement can include message formats, security and identity standards expected by the producer services. Additional Business-level requirement can also be simulated such that for certain requests, a pre-set response is returned. Enabling a library of anticiapted request-response pairs for a service ensures that consumers can build robust applications before the services are available.

3) Generating WSDL report cards is essential in measuring the relative quality of WSDLs within a SOA deployment.

For details about the webinar, visit:

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