Monday, November 17, 2008

Web Services Simulation

What should you do in your web services project when you're ready to start building your web services client, but your producer services is not ready? The answer is simple: Use Web Service Simulation. The obvious advantages of Service Simulation are as follows:

  • Reduce Overall development time by making simulated services available before they are built.
  • Tell the client whether it's sending the right messages to the service. For example, the service may be expecting a SAML token and the body of the message has to be signed. A service simulator can ensure that the client (consumer) is indeed following such requirements even before the producer services are built.

Here's a whitepaper that provides details on how to use service simulation to shorten your SOA projects while making your service invocations cleaner and more interoperable.

Accelerate your SOA Projects through Service Simulation

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