Sunday, July 05, 2009

Intro to SOA Regression Testing: A Hands-on Approach

Here's a hands-on approach to SOA-based Regression Testing using XML/Web Services that is useful for developers and SOA QA professionals who want to ensure that the rapid pace of changes made to web services do not degrade the quality of their services.

Intro to SOA Regression Testing: A Hands-on Approach

In this article, techniques for SOA Regression Testing through a hands-on approach are described with a walk through of:

  • Setting up a simple web services consumer (client) and producer (server) environment.
  • Establishing an external MS Excel data source for driving test scenarios.
  • Recording an acceptable base-line run.
  • Simulating regression by changing producer service.
  • Re-running external test data and identify producer service regression.

This article was initially published on Code Project by Crosscheck Networks, Inc.

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