Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SOAPSonar - QTP Job Posting

The maturity of a market and a product can be judged by the related job postings. Much has been written and talked about SOA Testing, however, this data point -- A job posting looking for a Testing and Automation Professional -- validates three key trends:

  1. The number of QA Professionals focusing on SOA Testing within an enterprise has hit a point where having SOA Test Tools, such as SOAPSonar from Crosscheck Networks, alone is not sufficient. A centralized defect tracking and test cases management infrastructure such as HP Quality Center is necessary for efficient collaboration. Incidentally, SOAPSonar is HP EMAP certified with deep integration with QC v10. For details on their integration see SOAPSonar EMAP Certification.
  2. SOA Testing Skill sets are far along the comoditization trajectory with job positions not just in the US but offshore as well. This particular job posting is in Banglore, India.
  3. SOA Testing requires complex skill sets including XML, SOAP, REST, WSDL, Database, Java, Message Queues, Automation Scripting, as well as fundamental Testing Techniques such as Black Box, White Box and Grey Box testing. The skill requirements will trend towards greater complexity as more IT assets are exposed using Web services and integrated with the SOA fabric.
SOA Testing Professionals will evolve as into high skilled individuals with diverse skills that touch almost all IT assets from networking to applications within and across enterprise boundaries. UI, Database and Application Testers will have to expand beyond their domains to keep up with the demands of SOA Testing.

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