Monday, April 12, 2010

SOA-Cloud Testing: CloudPort simulates data-center to cloud migrations

In the absence of quantifiable data, enterprises are challenged to make well-informed choices when it comes to migrating to the cloud.  Instead, they often find themselves forced to make these strategic decisions based on ad-hoc or partial information.  This is a risky and unproductive approach, especially when typical migration process requires moving numerous components -- including databases, application servers, ESBs, identity stores, and BEPL orchestration engines -- to the cloud.  Once a full reference system is deployed, the behavior of the enterprise applications interacting with the cloud-based components must be tested -- using customized production code.  This is an expensive, time-consuming and potentially error-prone proposition.

With CloudPort, enterprises benefit by never having to touch production code -- while eliminating the substantial time, capital and IT staff resource expenses related to building a distinct cloud test environment.

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