Friday, July 09, 2010

Understanding Enterprise-to-Cloud Migration Costs and Risks

For CIOs, CTOs and business application architects, cloud computing has become inescapable aspect of their overall IT strategy. As businesses consider approaches to migrating parts of their infrastructure to the cloud, IT organizations wrestle with fundamental questions such as:

  • What applications or its components should be migrated to the cloud?
  • What should be the order/priority of migration?
  • Which IaaS cloud provider should be selected based on application performance and reliability requirements?
  • How do I mitigate enterprise-to-cloud migration risk?

Without addressing such questions, enterprises are faced with ad-hoc decisions during their cloud migration process that can add immeasurable risks to their business operations and undermine the efficiencies that they seek by migrating to the cloud.

This article, Understanding enterprise-to-Cloud Migration Costs and Risks,  tackles these issues and helps companies in making informed and measured decisions regarding their cloud migration strategy.

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