Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forum Systems: The only patented replacement to Cisco ACE Gateway

Jim Duffy's Network World Blog -- the Cisco Connection -- highlights the Cisco ACE XML Gateway replacement offered by Forum Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks.  Forum Systems is the only patented XML Gateway in the industry.  Migrating to non-patented products from other XML vendors exposes corporations to excessive liability and non compliance.  Furthermore, "me too" technologies that copy leading patented products eventually fade away much like the Cisco ACE XML Gateway.

For the complete article, see: http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/third-option-cisco-ace-xml-gateway

Forum Systems Cisco Replacement Program:

  1. Program Details: http://www.forumsys.com/products/cisco_ace_replacement.php
  2. Best Practices: http://www.forumsys.com/resources/cisco-ace-replacement-program.php

Forum Systems Other Gateway Replacement Programs:

  1. IBM DataPower: http://www.forumsys.com/products/datapower_replacement_eol.php
  2. Other NON-PATENTED Gateways: http://www.forumsys.com/products/xml_gateway_replacement.php

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