Sunday, January 14, 2007

Amazon EC2 and Oracle SOA Suite a Strong Combo

With Mashup Camp (Boston) right around the corner, I was happy to see Dr. Dobbs Journal publish an article that I have collaborated on with David Shaffer, Sr. Director Product Mgmt, Oracle Integration and Rizwan Mallal, from Crosscheck Networks, R&D. The article is written to drive home an important set of shifts that are a result of Amazon's Utility Compute Platforms, EC2, S3, SDS, etc. and it's intersection with web services products such as Oracle SOA Suite 10g.

In this article, we focused on how the Oracle
SOA Suite can be used beyond its conventional business process role and more as a core SOA infrastructure traffic management platform for content-based routing, load balancing and fail over type functions for Amazon EC2 Linux instances.

Prediction: In the next 2-3 years, perhaps sooner, Amazon EC2 in combination with
SOA Suites will cause a fundamental shift in corporate computing. Also, EC2 & SOA will unleash unprecedented low cost innovation where startups will get off the ground with far lower capital than that required in the pre-Amazon and pre-web services era.

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