Thursday, January 11, 2007

Web Services Testing SugarCRM

SugarCRM is cost-effective, powerful and flexible open source CRM system built on PHP and MySQL Database. Its a great CRM system for cost-conscious companies that need a solid CRM platform. At $40/user/month for a hosted On-Demand offering, its priced for the frugal.

Besides its great CRM functionality and reasonable pricing, what I really like about SugarCRM is its extensive web services API. This enables the SugarCRM platform to be easily integrated with the IT ecosystem that is increasingly becoming web services aware.

If you a have a web site portal that captures customer registration information, and you'd like to integrate that with a Leads Capture Mechanism, I highly recommend that you consider SugarCRM. Its SOAP API makes the integration process between your web portal and the SugarCRM Leads Module simple. The fields in the Leads Module are highly customizable and all your customized fields are available via the SOAP API as well.

For a Quick Start on SugarCRM Web Services Functionality, see the following article:

Getting Started with SugarCRM Web Services using SOAPSonar

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