Monday, December 12, 2011

SC Magazine Rates Forum Sentry Product Five Stars

What's the difference between a Security Gateway product and a Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)? Security!  You never let users develop and deploy custom code in a gateway.  Custom SOA functionality is better suited for ESBs or application servers.  Deploying such functionality in a SOA/XML gateway is fraught with risk.  It breaks the key paradigm of separating security from application functionality.  Security functionality should never be coded by an enterprise, it should only be configured.

Question: When was the last time you dropped custom code in your firewall?

The SC Magazine Product review of Forum Sentry, the leading security gateway in the industry validates this Security vs. ESB notion by choosing Sentry as the only SOA/XML gateway in the security product review category.  Other gateways are merely application servers or ESBs with prepackaged security functionally that can be readily by-passed by the custom code that they run.

For detailed product review see:  SC Magazine Forum Sentry

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