Friday, January 06, 2012

IT Knowledge Exchange: XML security appliance shopping advice

James Denman wrote an interesting piece titled XML security appliance shopping advice where he talks about real-life challenges faced by customers and their use of XML appliances such as Forum Sentry to solve such problems.

Earlier this month I wrote an article on a Software as a Service provider that employed a SOA security appliance for authentication and identity federation. OmegaFi, the SaaS provider in question, fills an interesting niche – providing financial services for Greek fraternities and sororities. Helping college kids run their organizations more like a not-for-profit business is not always easy, but OmegaFi has thrived on their particular set of challenges. I recently had some correspondence with the company’s CIO, John Woolbright that I would like to share.
Full Article: XML security appliance shopping advice

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