Thursday, April 03, 2008

Service Simulation - Help Jumpstart SOA Testing

Here's a paper that the folks at Crosscheck Networks have authored on how Service Simulation can accelerate your SOA Testing, Client Side Development while saving you money by eliminating the need to build an expensive "SOA Reference System."

I have seen others talk about this concept in terms of virtualization and confuse everyone - I guess using hot marketing jargon helps get attention at the expense of adding confusion. The key aspects of Service Simulation are portability and ease-of-use, without which it adds more to the project timelines than what it promises to reduce.

Here's what Service Simulation is and how it helps:

"Reusable services are the cornerstone of a successful implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Service simulation can mimic producer services before they are implemented, an alternative to an expensive reference environment. In this paper, we cover SOA Project Lifecycle issues and how best to address them through service simulation."

For complete article, see:

Accelerate your SOA Projects Through Service Simulation

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