Thursday, January 07, 2010

Federated SOA impacts SOA Testing

Comprehensive SOA testing, using commercial and mature products such as SOAPSonar from Crosscheck Networks, is critical for companies as they expand beyond their localized SOA domains and integrate with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS providers to build a Federated SOA.  Here's an article that highlights the relationship between Federated SOA and Cloud Computing.

Federated SOA: A Pre-requisite for Enterprise Cloud Computing
— Successful enterprise SOA implementations build on a set of localized, project-level efforts with services that have clearly identified and accountable business and technology owners. Ownerships defines a SOA Domain. SOA domains may exist within corporate boundaries or may be provided as services by third parties. Deciding what services are core to a business owner and should be implemented within her/his domain versus consumed from another SOA domain becomes a critical part of building Federated SOA. Understanding core capabilities provided by SOA domains is a crucial task at the enterprise-level for encouraging efficiency through re-use and for keeping focus on core business services.

As SOA domains mature, key issues arise in enabling "SOA Domain Jumping," -- easily and rapidly integrating with other SOA domains. Here are the top three Federated SOA requirements that corporations must first address before embarking on a meaningful and sustained cloud computing deployment.

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