Friday, January 01, 2010

Service virtualization and its effect on SOA Testing

The is article discusses the advantages of using service virtualization whereby, in the simplest case, you may import a number of WSDLs, aggregate them and then expose them via and XML Gateway, such as Forum Sentry, based on the credential presented.  The impact of service virtualization on SOA testing is significant:

  • Remote services have to be tested independently.
  • Aggregated WSDL need to be tested.
  • User specific WSDLs generated by the Cloud/XML gateway have to tested.
  • The difference between gateway-generated services has to be reconciled with the remote services.
  • Identity tokens have to be generated for both remote services as well as the gateway to ensuring that the right authentication and authorization decisions are being enforced on the gateway.
  1. Virtues of Service Virtualization in a Cloud
  2. XML Gateway:  Forum Systems

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