Monday, January 04, 2010

Hidden Cost of Open Source SOA Testing Tools

Here is an interesting article that appeared on sys-con regarding the hidden costs associated with using open source frameworks for SOA Testing.  Corporate business process security, interoperability and scalability may depend on the kind of tools one chooses for testing services and may significantly contribute to the overall success a company's ability to safely add a growing number of business partners to its ecosystem.

Hidden Cost of Open Source SOA Testing
— Adopting an open source tool for SOA testing seems the simplest, most cost effective choice for developers and testers early on. However, you should plan and consider the implications of a longer term strategy with an open source testing tool. There are many aspects of service testing that contribute to a comprehensive solution across the SOA life cycle. Adopting a specialized tool for service testing is essential and will provide value, but may prove limiting if the adoption of the testing tool becomes something that can not grow with the business and maturity of your SOA strategy. This article will discuss some topics to consider before jumping headlong into an open source free testing solution for your production services.

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